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5526 28th Ave Adams House.png
The Adams House

The Adams House at 5526 28th Ave NE holds significant historical importance within the African American context. As one of the early African American families to settle in the Ravenna Orchard neighborhood of Seattle in 1912, Charles and Nora Adams defied racial barriers and established a home amidst a predominantly white community. Their presence challenged racial segregation norms prevalent at the time. 

The Adams long tenure in their home, spanning from 1912 until their deaths, symbolizes their commitment to overcoming adversity and carving out a place for themselves in a society marked by discrimination. Despite potential challenges and discrimination, they may have faced, their perseverance underscores the importance of home ownership and stability within the African American community. 

Refer to the following article to know more about The Adams of Ravenna Orchard in Seattle: 

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