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Research in Spokane Washington

Project lead Monette Hearn went to Spokane Washington to learn more about the history of the community and their significant historic places. The Carl Maxey Center hosted Monette for several days of research gathering with many community members stopping by to share their histories.

Monette also went to the Cavalry Baptist Church, the oldest of three significant Black Churches in Spokane. We hope to learn more about the Cavalry Baptist Church as we plan to prepare a National Register Nomination for the Church.

Monette found a welcoming and open community representing a long and significant history of Black culture in Spokane. We are looking forward to returning to Spokane to learn more and add the significant community sites to our survey.


Photo 1: l-r, Monette, Julie Williamson-Serquinia, Sandra Freeman, and Curtis Hampton at the Carl Maxey Center Library.

Photo 2: Clarence Freeman, an important contractor in Spokane's development.

Photo 3: Sandra Freeman brought historical documents to the Carl Maxey Center to review . Curtis Hampton and Julie Williamson-Serquinia look on.

Photo 4: Sandra Freeman, Julie Williamson-Serquinia, Monette Hearn, Amos Atkinson, and Curtis Hampton at the Carl Maxey Center.

Photo 5: Mr. Brown and Mr. Roseman at Roseman's Barber Shop.

Photo 6: Mr. Rosemans Barber Shop

Photo 7: A historic Bible at Cavalry Baptist Church

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