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Black Historic Sites Survey Washington State

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Our project seeks to conduct extensive research and public outreach in order to achieve the following:

Create a comprehensive list of Black architects, artists, designers, engineers, or builders with work completed in Washington State.

Complete five (5) biographies of individuals identified in the list identified above.

Prepare up to 10 Historic Property Inventory (HPI) forms for properties associated with each identified Black architect, designer, engineer, or builder, with the final target between 30-50 HPIs.

Prepare at least two (2) National Register nomination forms per the National Register Criteria for Evaluation with assistance from the State Architectural Historian. Obtain owner permission for any property slated for nomination.

As we begin the project, we have identified the house and art studio of Dr. James Washington Jr. as our first historic site. This site represents the location where Dr. Washington and his wife Janie Rogella Washington lived from 1944 until their deaths. Dr. Washington was a world renown sculptor, and the site gives us insight into his life and his artistic process. You can read more about Dr. Washington at The house and studio site is currently listed as a City of Seattle Landmark, and it is listed on the State Historic Register. However, it has not been listed on the National Register. As part of the project, we will complete the National Register nomination forms for the Dr. James Washington Jr. and Janie Rogella Washington House and Studio. We will be obtaining permission from the owners of the property, Dr. James Washington Jr. and Janie Rogella Washington Foundation, to list the site on the National Register.

If you know of a site that is significantly associated with a Black artist, architect, engineer, or any other Black creator, please let us know. We would love to be able to study the site and name it as part of our survey.

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