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Buffalo Soldiers Museum Tacoma:1940 S Wilkeson St, Tacoma, WA 98405 Open Saturday and Wednesday 12P

Our research led us to the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Tacoma Washington. The Museum was founded by William Jones, a soldier who served with the tenth calvary from 1940 to 1944. He founded the museum because he wanted his family and other people to know and understand the significant contribution the Buffalo Soldiers made to history and America. The Buffalo Soldiers began in 1866 as the tenth Calvary Regiment of the United States Army. The name was applied to other Black Cavalry and Infantry Regiments for the next 85 years. Jones grew up in Little Rock Arkansas the son of former slave sharecroppers; a farm boy who went into the army and traveled all around the world becoming a Buffalo Soldier serving in the Korean War and eventually a prisoner of War. Opening its doors in 2012, the museum holds many memorabilia and artifacts, however, the museum itself is the most important because it's a place where people learn the history of Black people serving in the war and their significant contribution to building America. The museum has six featured rooms: Slavery to the Military, Bravery and Honor, Living styles of this Time, Black Troops, Black Officers, and Founders and Honorees. Jacki Jones-Hook, William Jones’ daughter, was our tour guide for the day. She talked about how her parents met, their soldier's true love story, and how they moved up here to Washington. She showed us a letter Jones wrote about the museum (picture 3) and how it links to the mission of the Buffalo Soldiers Museum: to educate, preserve, and present the outstanding military history and service contributions of America’s Buffalo Soldiers from 1866 to1944, including WWI and WWII. The museum primarily wants to become community partners with public schools so they can be an educational resource to the public school system in the education of US History inspiring today's youth. The museum also provides educational programs and hosts many events outside the museum to educate kids about our veterans and history.

Thank you to Jacki Jones-Hook for her hospitality and service to American history. 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Museum

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