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Bethel Church African Methodist Episcopal in Spokane, WA

One of the standout sites we found in Spokane is the Bethel AME Church on Richard Allen Court. The Bethel AME is one of the oldest Black churches in Spokane, however, they are housed in a modernist building constructed by Mr. Clarence Freeman in 1971. Our survey has found out a lot more about the imporatance of Mr. Freeman in the Spokane community. He was a contractor, property developer, and owner who contributed in a significant way to the built environment of Spokane.

For the Bethel AME Church, the historic stained glass windows from the previous building were re-used to create continuity for the congregation. The Bethel AME Church was also significant for developing the Richard Allen Apartments next door to the church building. You can read more about the Bethel AME Church in Spokane at their website The Bethel AME has made numerous significant contributions to the City of Spokane. We were so honored to meet pastor Benjamin Watson while we were there. Thank you Pastor Watson!

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