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A Black stonemason lived in Greenlake

credit: Emma Ray “Twice Sold, Twice Ransomed: Autobiography of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Ray”

In our research for this project, we are interested in all types of creators. Recently we came across the home of a Black stonemason, Lloyd P. Ray.

Mr. Lloyd P. Ray was born on February 8, 1860, in Kentuckytown, Texas. According to the Washington state death and burial records his occupation was listed as a Stonecutter (Stone Mason). He and his wife, Mrs. Emma J Smith Ray emigrated to Seattle, Washington in 1891. They were known for being devout evangelists in the area and often traveled to nearby cities to participate in Christian ministry. Mr. Ray along with a carpenter and men from the mission all helped him to build his home seen above. He used recycled materials from various sources to build their home, which they resided at until their deaths.

The 1907 house still stands in the Greenlake neighborhood today, and you can see an example of Mr. Rey's stonemasonry in the front retaining wall.

To learn more about the Rey family read Twice Sold, Twice Ransomed: Autobiography of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Ray written in 1926 by Mrs. Emma Ray. The book provides an overview of the Rays life and history from a religious perspective.

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