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Frankie Doodle's

The building's significance is tied to the Black Historic Sites Survey through its association with Clarence Freeman, a distinguished Black contractor and developer. In 1976, Freeman constructed the restaurant here after demolishing his Rosemary Apartments Building. Originally VIP's, the restaurant transformed into Frankie Doodles in 1981. 

Freeman's life was characterized by humble beginnings and the fight against racial segregation. Despite challenges, he established himself as a notable real estate developer and contractor. As part of the Black Historic Sites Survey, up to 15 properties were identified under his ownership, although the actual count might be higher.  

His influence expanded to leadership roles, such as being the first Black President of the Whittier School's Parent-Teacher Association and the President of the Kiwanis Club of West Spokane. He initiated Spokane's inaugural job fair and advocated for Liberty Park's enhancement.  

This building stands as a testament to Clarence Freeman's remarkable journey, showcasing his architectural contributions to Spokane and his profound impact on the city's social and community fabric. 

Today, Frankie Doodle’s and Dick’s Hamburgers, the two Clarence Freeman’s projects are under the ownership of an Asian American woman. 

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