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Buffalo Soldiers Museum

The significance of this building in African American history lies in its status as one of only two institutions nationwide dedicated to commemorating the contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers through a museum. The counterpart, the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston, shares this purpose. 

Established to honor the all-black regiment of the United States military, this museum was founded by William Jones, a former member of the tenth cavalry from 1940 to 1944. Following Jones' passing in 2009, his daughter Jackie Jones-Hook assumed the responsibility of carrying her father’s legacy, relocating the museum to its current hilltop site. 

Tacoma's Buffalo Soldiers Museum serves as a focal point for educating, preserving, and presenting the extensive history and impact of America's Buffalo Soldiers, spanning World Wars I and II, as well as their noteworthy contributions in Washington State. Moreover, it functions as a hub for community cultural exchange. 

The museum's primary objective is to foster partnerships with public schools, positioning itself as an invaluable educational resource for US History. Its aim is to inspire today's youth by offering educational programs, hosting diverse events beyond its walls, and actively engaging in enlightening activities focused on veterans and history. 

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