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Booker T. Washington Community Center

This building holds significant historical importance within the African American community, as it played a pivotal role in fostering social cohesion and supporting workforce development. Its association with Rosa Davis Malone, an African American pioneer and Tuskegee Institute graduate, adds to its value. As a member of Calvary Baptist Church, she contributed significantly to establishing the United Service Organization (USO) for black military in the city and the Booker T. Washington Center, which remains remarkable. 

Formerly directed by Rosa Davis Malone, this house served as the Booker T. Washington Community Center, established through the Works Progress Administration (WPA) program. Originally situated in the basement of Calvary Baptist Church, it later relocated to 959 E Hartson in April 1937. This center provided a gathering space for the Black community, hosting dances and offering classes in areas such as dressmaking, piano, and voice. Notably, it facilitated employment opportunities for numerous African American women during the challenging years of the Depression era, while also serving as a daycare facility.

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